On the Sepik River, there is a world-renowned tradition of wood carving. These carvers create forms of plants or animals, because they believe these are their ancestor beings and because they feel they are beautiful. They also create traditional skull portraits. Also well represented in the collections of museums around the world is the Malagan art tradition of New Ireland.Gunn, Michael; Phillipe Feltier (2006). New Ireland: Art of the South Pacific. Milan: Continents Editions. ISBN 88-7439-369-5.

Even though sea shells are no longer the currency of Papua New Guinea – sea shells were abolished as currency in 1933 – this heritage is still present in local customs. In certain parts of the country, a groom must bring a bride price to the wedding ceremony. In some cases, this is paid in golden-edged clam shells [1]. In other areas, a dowry is payable rather than the bride price.


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