2 NUPE PANELS 19th century



The Nupe, traditionally called the Tapa by the neighbouring Yoruba, are a large ethnic group in Northwestern Nigeria settling around their capitol Bida. They boast a rich cultural heritage, although this was diluted by the Usman Dan Fodio jihad of the 19th century. Amongst tribal art collectors the Nupe are particularly known for their chased brass work, distinctive, ornamental doors and super wooden stools.

Photographed and offered for sale are these fantastic, architectural, Nupe door panels by master carver Sakiwa the Younger of Lapai. Carved in high relief, the entirety of each is decorated with stylised geometric and zoomorphic iconography. The light brown wood has a lovely aged patina, and the smaller panel retains signs of polychrome embellishment.

These are superb pieces and would make a super addition to any collection, or a wonderfully, unusual architectural or decorative feature.


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