Yaka Initiation Mask: price request


Discover an exquisite and vintage Yaka Initiation Mask from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This captivating mask showcases intricate craftsmanship, featuring a complex assembly of painted wood, fiber, and woven raffia and cloth. These masks have been an integral part of Yaka initiation rituals for generations.

Yaka masks for n-Khanda initiation come in four distinct structural types:

  1. Those constructed with various materials attached to a netted head cover.
  2. Those built on a splint frame affixed to a paddle-like wooden face.
  3. Masks meticulously carved from a single cylinder of wood, resembling a helmet.
  4. Wooden masks crafted into oversized facial forms, each serving a unique purpose.

The Yaka people classify these masks based on their function, differentiating those that inspire awe and those designed for festive entertainment. This Yaka Initiation Mask is a testament to detailed artistry and style, making it a remarkable addition to your home and art collection.

For more information and research, delve into auction results at prestigious institutions like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, and the Barakat Gallery. Explore the rich history and authenticity of African art through renowned references such as “The Tribal Arts of Africa,” “Africa: The Art of a Continent,” and “Beauty and Authenticity in African Art.”

This mask comes from a private collection, adding a unique touch to its storied history.

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