Songye NKISI Power Figure, 23 cm Sold


Early 20th century Songye Nkisi (Power Figure), .Height: 9 1/2 in 24cm From a private collection who had over 3 thousand tribal art as can be seen in the catalogue numbers 
This been number 1. 
With necklace of beads and other power items Hole in middle has been filled with magical matter   wearing a grass skirt 

A ‘Nkisi’ protective power protective figure of the Songye, in southeastern Congo. Among the Songye, typical sculptures such as the present one used to play a major role in the healing the sick, the administration of justice, and in the case of ‘white’ and ‘black’ magic.
Smaller ‘Nkisi’ (such as the present figure) were carved according to more personal, individual patterns, whilst single ‘Nkisi’ of larger size served as protective or guardian figures for the whole village community.
Such ‘Nkisi’ power figures were ‘loaded with magical material’ by a ‘Nganga’ (soothsayer, or priest). These substances could be inserted into a horn atop the head, into a recess in the abdomen or they could be hung as an attribute, providing the ‘Nkisi’ with its ‘magical power’. The present ‘Carved from light-coloured hard wood and dyed black and brown The head is manufactured in typical style with a knop coiffure, large bulging eyes, a flat nose, a wide ‘grinning’
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