RARE SONGYE FETISH POWER ,MALE Nikisi, 19th–20th century 79 cm PRICE REQUEST


Nkisi Power Figure: An Exquisite Union of Craftsmanship and Spirituality

Description: From the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo emerges this 85 cm Nkisi power figure, a testament to the blend of artistic flair and spiritual depth unique to Central African art.


  • Face: The figure showcases a face intricately adorned with embossed sheet copper and studs, exemplifying exquisite detailing. The eyes, made of cowrie shells, add an ethereal charm.
  • Adornments: It features a horn charge and is further embellished with various objects, Bajimba, known for their magical properties—ranging from horns to beads, from tacks to metals.

Origin and Significance: A collaboration between a proficient carver and a seasoned nganga (ritual practitioner), this Nkisi figure underscores the importance of ritual specialists across Central Africa. Used primarily by the Songye people of DRC Congo, the Nkisi figures are charged with mystical energies by the Nganga, serving as protective devices against adversaries, ensuring fertility, wealth, and combating witchcraft and sorcery. They are conduits of positivity, championing fertility, success, and protection against malevolence. While larger figures are communal, smaller ones are tailored for individual families.

The figure’s power doesn’t stem from the carver’s craft but is imbued by the Nganga through various enchanting adornments.

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