RARE SONGYE BAIMBA POWER ,MALE Nikisi, 19th–20th century request price

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Rare Songye Baimba Power: A Nexus of Artistry and Spirituality

: SONGYE BAIMBA NIKISI, Wooden Sculpture

Description: Steeped in rich African heritage, this remarkable Songye Baimba Nikisi power figure stands as a beacon of traditional craftsmanship and spiritual prowess.


  • Composition: This 44cm half-figure boasts a sleek sheet of aluminium adorning the nose and forehead, culminating in a unique and eye-catching sheen.
  • Adornments: A vibrant cascade of feathers sprouts from the horn charge, supplemented with a string of coloured glass beads, bound bishimba, and rugged animal skin, beautifully perched atop an ebonised wood base.
  • Origin and Purpose: A joint creation of a master carver and a nganga (ritual practitioner), this NIKISI male figure speaks volumes of Central African art and spirituality. Hailing from the Songye people of the DRC Congo, Nkisi figures serve as protective devices—guarding against adversaries, bestowing fertility and affluence, and charging spaces with mystical energy.

Drawing from traditions where art intersects with spirituality, the Songye power figures, both Nkisi and Mankishi, stand as guardians against malevolent forces, channeling good fortunes, triumphs, and divine protection.


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