For those who seek more than art—for those who seek a portal into the unexplored corridors of African history—this Ndengese chief sculpture is a key to the rich tapestry of cultural legacy that transcends time.”



Within every curve and carved line of this Ndengese sculpture lies a story steeped in the heritage of West Kasai. Kneeling in solemnity, the figure’s hands upon its abdomen symbolize a deep-seated connection with the life force and the community’s collective spirit.

The scarifications etched onto the surface are not merely decorative; they are writings from the past, each mark a word in the visual language of prestige and beauty. This sculpture, standing at 76.5cm, carries the weight of history. It is a tangible narrative of leadership and the sacred duties of the chiefs who once watched over the Ndengese people.

The wooden horn that adorns its head is not just a crown but a symbol of the spiritual antenna connecting the earthly to the divine, channeling wisdom from the ancestors to the bearer. This piece is not merely an artifact; it’s a conduit of the stories untold, of voices from the past that echo in the silence of its presence.




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