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immerse yourself in the legacy of the Ndengese people with this imposing wooden figure of a chief, kneeling in a pose of dignified repose. From the heart of West Kasai, this figure captures the esteemed rank and spiritual significance of a tribal leader. Standing 76.5cm tall, the craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous scarifications that score its surface, each marking a narrative of power, identity, and beauty.

The chief is depicted with hands gently resting upon the abdomen, a posture of reflection and calm authority. The wood horn atop the figure’s head is a prominent feature, symbolizing the chief’s connection to the divine. This exceptional work is not just a decorative piece but serves as a conduit to the past, carrying the weight of ancestral wisdom and traditional governance.


  • NdengeseChiefSculpture
  • WestKasaiArtifact
  • TribalLeadership
  • AfricanCarvedFigure
  • KneelingChiefArt
  • ScarificationSymbols
  • TraditionalAuthority
  • EthnographicArtwork
  • AncestralSculpture
  • CulturalHeirloom
  • MuseumQualityAfricanArt
  • HandcraftedNdengese
  • TribalArtCollectible
  • IndigenousSculpture
  • RitualFigure
  • WoodenArtifacts
  • AfricanHeritage
  • ArtCollectorMustHave
  • RareTribalFigure
  • PowerfulArtPiece



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