Luluwa Figures of Mbulenga: price request

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Straight from the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, these majestic Luluwa figures of Mbulenga are an epitome of art and history interwoven. Measuring at 52.5cm & 75cm respectively, each figure captivates with its intricate detailing:

  • Tools: Each figure is depicted carrying a knife and a bowl, symbolizing utility, and tradition.
  • Anatomy: Their extended abdomen speaks of fertility and prominence in their societal roles.
  • Skin Art: The extensive body scarifications on each figure tell stories, traditions, and rites of passage that the Luluwa tribe held dear.

These figures not only amplify the aesthetics of a space but also serve as a direct link to the heart of African tribal arts.

Reference & Further Reading:

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  • Auctioned pieces from renowned houses like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Bonhams and esteemed galleries like Barakat Gallery and can offer further insights into such masterpieces.



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