Luba female fetish sold


The vast Luba territory, comprising the entire southeastern part of the DRC, as far as Tanganyika and Lake Mweru, is uniform as regards language and culture, but racially mixed. A new cult, outlawing the ancestor cult, has been the cause of an almost systematic destruction of their traditional art. The Luba artistic style is characterized by harmonious integration of organically related forms. The traditional carvings are for ancestor and spirit cults, for initiation, medical and divination purposes. The favorite theme in sculpture was woman since, according to the Luba myth, vilie was the first woman spirit, founder of the clan and guarantor of fertility and the lineage. Women were cult guardians, and the royal wives played an important role: sent as emissaries to the chiefs of neighboring ethnicities, they would contract profitable political alliances based on marriage. The present statue is a typical Luba artistic work.


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