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Mambila Ancestor Statues: Rare Masterpieces of African Artistry

Dive deep into the world of the Mambila people with our exclusive collection of tadep dia ancestor statues. Expertly carved from soft wood and adorned in vibrant red, white, and black pigments, these figures symbolize the rich tradition of ancestor worship central to the Mambila culture. As documented by Kerchache (1990), these statues, often measuring 30 cm or more, are rare treasures, with few existing in notable private collections globally.


  • Ancestor Worship: Central to Mambila religious practices.
  • Soft Wood Carvings: Adorned with vivid pigments for a striking appearance.
  • Rarity: A unique addition to any African art collection.

Collector’s Notes:
Mambila statues have graced the collections of art connoisseurs like Drs. Daniel and Marian Malcolm and Rudolf Leopold, among others. Dive deeper into their significance and history with our provided references.

  • Mambila Sculptures
  • African Ancestor Worship
  • Tadep Dia Statues
  • African Art Collection
  • Traditional African Carvings
  • Maat African Art


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