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This captivating Bira Mask, standing tall at 28 cm, hails from the heart of Congo, presenting itself as a hallmark of African tribal artistry. Its intricate design resonates deeply with the practices of the Bukishi society, and the mask’s affiliation with the Kifebwe initiates adds layers of historical and cultural significance.

Each curve and texture in the mask reflects its authenticity, further validated by evident signs of tribal use. Its wooden structure, carefully handcrafted, symbolizes the profound artistry and cultural practices of the Bifwebe and Songye Bikashi traditions. This Kifwebe mask isn’t merely an artifact but a bridge that connects its beholder to the rich tapestry of Congolese tribal heritage.

Excellent This mask has been vetted as being authentic with some signs of tribal use..

Research Guidelines:

  1. Sotheby’s, Bonham, and Christie’s: Check their past auction catalogs, which are often available online. Many of these houses allow you to search through past sales using keywords or categories. By entering terms like “Lega Mask” or “IDMU Lega Mask,” you can retrieve past auction results.
  2. Barakat: Investigate their past exhibitions and sales related to African tribal art. Given their expertise in ancient art, they might have comprehensive records or publications that could offer further insights.
  3. Artkhade.com: Utilize their platform to research past auction results, ensuring you filter for ‘African Art’ or specifically ‘Lega Masks.’ This will provide a clearer valuation range for masks of similar quality and provenance.
  4. Books: Refer to “AFRICAN ART Sculpture” by Pierre Meauzé and “Africa: The art of a continent” for a deeper understanding of the significance, artistry, and valuation of similar Lega masks.


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