Yoruba Gelede mask 20th century enquire

Twin lizards bring the wisdom of the wild to your home with our authentic Yoruba Gelede mask 🌿. Journey through Benin’s tribal artistry and add a touch of myth to your space.


Discover the enigmatic allure of the Yoruba Gelede mask, adorned with twin lizards—a potent symbol of vigilance and adaptability. This remarkable artifact from the Republic of Benin is a testament to the Yoruba’s veneration of nature’s wisdom. The lizards, perched in dynamic harmony, mirror the Yoruba belief in balance and duality, while the earth-toned patina and time-worn textures speak to the mask’s storied past. Ideal for discerning collectors seeking pieces steeped in natural symbolism and traditional Yoruba mythology, this mask is a captivating embodiment of cultural artistry.


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