Exquisite Early 20th-Century Kuba Cloth


Explore the beauty and detailed craftsmanship of our early 1900s Kuba Cloth 🌟. Perfectly preserved, featuring exquisite embroidery and vibrant color blends of reddish brown, light brown, and cream.


Discover the craftsmanship and rich history of this early 20th-century Kuba Cloth, a stunning example of textile art in pristine collector-quality condition. This piece features five strips intricately woven with a harmonious blend of colors—reddish brown, light brown, and cream. Each detail of the rich embroidery demonstrates the skill and months of dedication required to create such a masterpiece. Traditionally used as a wraparound skirt during ritual festivals, this unisex garment is crafted from fibers extracted from the raffia palm, making it a unique and culturally significant piece worthy of framing.


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