20th Century Benin Queen Bronze Head with Ivory Tusk Cavite – Maat African Art, London sold


Step into the world of 20th-century African sculpture with this exquisite Benin Queen bronze head, a gem now available at Maat African Art in London. Crafted by adept artisans from Nigeria, this piece exemplifies the pinnacle of Nigerian tribal craftsmanship.

Measuring 29×25 cm, the bronze head is not just a representation of regal beauty but also a testament to the intricate techniques employed in creating tribal art. One of its standout features is the meticulously designed cavity, specially intended for an ivory tusk, which adds layers of cultural and historical relevance to the artifact.

For centuries, the art from the Benin Kingdom has been celebrated for its detailed representations and deep-rooted traditions. This particular piece echoes the essence of royal African sculptures, making it an invaluable addition to any London African art collection.

For enthusiasts and collectors of authentic Benin art, this bronze head isn’t just an artifact; it’s a journey into the heart of African heritage. Each curve, indent, and pattern narrates tales of a time when art was a reflection of power, prestige, and aesthetics.

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