• Material: Genuine Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone: High Grade Morenci Turquoise with Silver Matrix
  • Characteristics:
    • Deep blue color, indicative of the high copper content in the ground from where it originates.
    • Unique matrix containing iron pyrite (fool’s gold), adding to its allure.
  • Design:
    • Central stone measures an impressive 28 x 25 mm.
    • Complemented by eight graduated stones, each separated by intricate silver spacers.
    • Larger stones are framed with twisted silver wirework, giving the appearance of flickering fire.
  • Significance:
    • The highest grade Morenci turquoise has always been a rare find, even during active mining days.
    • Currently, this grade of turquoise, especially with deep blues and iron pyrite, is extremely difficult to come by and highly valued.
  • Perfect for: Men seeking a bold statement piece, collectors of Navajo craftsmanship, or as a unique anniversary gift.
  • Condition: Vintage, well-maintained.
  • This vintage Navajo sterling silver bracelet is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and the rich heritage of Native American jewelry design. The centerpiece, a massive high-grade Morenci turquoise stone, boasts a deep blue hue with a shimmering silver matrix. Further enhancing its grandeur are the surrounding graduated stones and the artful silver work, making it a truly unique and sought-after piece.


Native American sterling cuff  large turquoise stones and fine symbolic detail. and polished, high-grade, Bisbee II stones are set with twist wire and small starbursts. It’s about 1″ wide at the center, and we stock and custom-make this for wrist sizes 6″ to 7-1/2″. Larger sizes can be made for an additional fee. Made in our Native American jewelry shop, it’s stamped Sterling and hallmarked.  Bracelet is everyday, southwestern wear., that looks like it should be for special occasions only!


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