Exquisite Antique Punu/Lumbo Mask from Gabon Enquire


ive into the rich cultural tapestry of the Ogooué region with this splendid, antique Punu/Lumbo mask. Known for its stylistic elegance, this mask showcases the classical white masks’ high, voluminous central crest, flanked by two intricately braided lateral hairstyles. The face is adorned with finely etched scarifications arranged in a lozenge pattern across the forehead and a rectangular motif below, signaling the mask’s deep historical roots and the masterful artistry of its creator.

The mask’s serene expression, featuring coffee bean-shaped eyes, delicately parted lips with the upper forming a ‘V’, and smooth facial contours, enhances its mystical allure. This tranquil visage is further softened by the light wood hue, historically covered by kaolin, traces of which still linger around the eyes, nose, and mouth crevices. Accentuating the face, the lips and scarifications are highlighted with vibrant red pigments, adding a touch of vivacity.

Measuring 30 cm in height, this mask has undergone light restoration on the lower lip and shows minor wear on the collar’s edge, emphasizing its authentic, lived history. This Punu/Lumbo mask, with its nuanced brown shade matching the ornate hair collar, is not just an artifact but a piece of history—ideal for collectors and enthusiasts eager to own a piece of African heritage.


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