Vintage Brass Shiva Nataraj – Authentic Asian Art from”


Vintage Brass Shiva in Nataraj Form: An emblem of the cosmic dance of dissolution and energy transformation. Featuring Shiva with Dhamarukam amidst fire spikes. Authentic Asian craftsmanship from”

Discover the mesmerising beauty of our Vintage Brass Shiva in His Nataraj form. Dive deep into the cosmic dance and its profound significance with Authentic Asian artistry at its best.”


“Presenting an exquisite piece of Asian art – the Vintage Brass Shiva in His Nataraj form. Masterfully crafted, this artifact embodies the profound symbolism of Shiva’s cosmic dance, known as Pralaya. The intricate detailing captures Shiva in the Nataraj Mudra, surrounded by fire spikes, showcasing the cycle of energy transformation. In His hand, He holds the Dhamarukam, representing the rhythm of time and sound. As a potent reminder, this art form emphasizes that energy, in its essence, neither gets created nor destroyed but undergoes transformation. Dive into a world of deep spiritual understanding and cultural richness with this masterpiece.”


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