Rare Benin Bronze Leopard Head with Full Body Miniature – Maat African Art, Londone request

For art collectors and enthusiasts of authentic Nigerian art, this bronze leopard is not just a piece of art; it’s a symbol of strength, beauty, and cultural reverence. Our London African art collection at Maat African Art proudly showcases such intricate tribal artifacts, each telling a story, each resonating with history.


Embark on a journey through the intricate beauty of 20th-century Benin art with this rare and mesmerizing Benin Bronze Leopard head, now a prized exhibit at Maat African Art in London. This magnificent artifact embodies the pinnacle of Benin craftsmanship, a legacy that has been celebrated for its unmatched finesse and profound cultural significance.

Measuring an elegant 29×25 cm, this piece stands as a testament to the artistic prowess of Benin artisans. While the meticulously detailed leopard head captivates with its lifelike features and powerful gaze, an unexpected marvel awaits atop: a full body miniature leopard, sculpted with an attention to detail that breathes life into bronze.

The leopard, revered and often associated with power and prestige in many African tribes, is masterfully brought to life in this bronze rendition. The meticulously sculpted features, from the fierce eyes and sharp teeth of the head to the sleek and agile body of the miniature, narrate tales of the wild, intertwined with human civilization.

In Benin’s storied past, the leopard was a symbol of royal authority, revered as a guardian of the kingdom and often linked with the strength and wisdom of the Oba, or king. This sculpture, with its dual representation, captures the essence of this powerful creature, intertwining the wild’s majesty with the intricacies of royal symbolism.

For connoisseurs of authentic Benin art, this dual leopard piece is more than a work of art; it encapsulates a legacy of power, beauty, and spiritual reverence. Dive deeper into the fascinating world of Benin’s artistic heritage with our curated collection at Maat African Art in London. Each piece, handpicked, resonates with tales of a kingdom that forever changed the course of African art history.



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