Igbo maidenWelcome to Maat African Art collection, which is world art since the human race and art started in Africa; all world art is of African origin.

It has, and is, an honour to collect world art. The statement a picture is a thousand words, does not quite give the full impact that art is life on this plane and beyond. African art, Before we can experience, the impact and beauty of African art , should we have a , sort of aesthetic brainwash ? from all the conditioning western culture has taught us.

Can a western mind see African art , the way an African sees his art? Western world with the help of islam has been to a great extend been assassins to African art on the material plane , and  in mental plane. (mind ) And now the western world is the protector and is diligent in preserving the birth of mankind art.

One interesting  magical insight with art , is unlike written history, which has been re written , art has another type of power that cannot be re written, because you cannot effect thing made from the theta  anti matter.

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